Hosting Terms And Conditions

We reserve the right to update terms and conditions from time to time.

Backups: The server is regularly backed up but these backups are primarily for the purpose of restoring the entire server in the event of serious failure. Backups are not guaranteed to be available to you if you have problems with your site (accidental deletion of files, hacking, corruption, problems after updates etc).  Your server may have the JetBackup backup system in Cpanel for automated daily backups which you can use to restore files and databases,  but if it is there, the backups are not guaranteed to be taken every day.  You are strongly advised to keep your own regular backups of your data, downloaded and stored locally to you. If using WordPress there are backup plugins which make this easy (e.g. BackupWordpress).  If not using WordPress you can take backups using FTP or Cpanel’s File Manager (and phpMyAdmin in Cpanel if you use MySql).

Copyright: For any material that you supply to us to upload to your website for you, you confirm that you are the copyright holder or that you have the copyright holder’s permission.

Liability: Our total liability under this contract for loss of data, interruption of service, consequential loss or anything else at all is limited to the total amount paid to us by you in the last 12 months.

Resource Use: The hosting is in a ‘shared server’ hosting environment. The server’s resources, such as RAM (memory) and CPU (processor), amongst other things, are shared amongst all accounts on the server. We ensure that the server has plenty of capacity to meet the day-to-day needs of the vast majority of web sites, ensuring also that the demands for resources are met even at peak times.  If your website is excessively resource intensive, it may be suspended, temporarily or permanently.  The web space is for web sites – don’t plan to use it for large amounts of file storage or backups unrelated to your website.

Acceptable Use:  If your website is involved in anything that we strongly disapprove of, whether it is legal or not, it may be suspended temporarily or permanently.  The clue is in the name – Ethical Internet.  Some obviously unacceptable categories are tobacco, animal experiments, weapons, air travel, animal exploitation, wasteful use of fossil fuels, unnecessary pollution… if in doubt, just ask.  Generally, people who want to do those things don’t choose a company called ‘Ethical Internet’, so the issue hardly ever arises!

— October 2021

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