Fixing Expired SSL Certificate / Insecure Site Warning

This problem has been affecting loads of my customers during the last three weeks when AutoSSL’s system for automatic renewals of SSL certificates has frequently not worked due, they say, to their servers being overloaded.

It’s easy to fix though. There is another SSL system available in Cpanel, called Let’s Encrypt, so you just need to switch over to that, and there have been no problems with automatic SSL certificate renewals in that system.

If you feel like fixing it yourself it’s fairly easy.

Log in to your Cpanel hosting control panel, then go to Security>Let’s Encrypt SSL

Find the affected domain in the list, click the ‘+Issue’ link, then the ‘Issue’ button. Then wait a couple of minutes, and the SSL on that domain should be working again.

If you have any trouble with doing the above, I’m happy to do it for you of course.


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