So just who is behind Ethical Internet then? Maybe you’re just curious, or maybe you’re looking for reassurance about my motives, abilities, durability?
Now in my early fifties, my guiding principles are very much those of Permaculture – earth care, people care, fair shares. And my beard is a little greyer than the slightly out of date photo on the right!

I’ve been closely involved with computers and software since doing a lot of programming during my psychology PhD in the late 1980s. Computers still provide my main (and very modest) source of income. However, I don’t believe that people should spend much of their precious lives sitting in front of computers, when there are far more rewarding and important things to be done. Personally I love trying to spread the world about greener, more ethical and more satisfying ways of living than our current mainstream existence. I spend a lot of time growing food, making stuff, caring for people, and being involved in my local community.

Ethical Internet has been going since April 2003. Before then, from April 2000, I ran another successful web software business – Dialogue Designs, which I have now phased out though some of the sites created under that name are still running. Before 2000, I was a software designer at the UK’s Open University, and even further back in time, I was elsewhere working as an academic and (long long ago) a journalist.

From 2004 to early 2016 I worked part of each week for

I’m also involved in practical gardening and food-growing ( and making films and videos ( I’m a keen vegan cook, maker and mender of things, potter and woodworker. To really relax, I read – usually consuming a novel a week… currently working my way through Anthony Trollope, with P.G. Wodehouse and modern novels for light relief.

Peter –

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