environment and sustainability |  free information about planet friendly living (~ I worked there part-time for 11 years) | delightful outdoor eco conference venue (~ I volunteered there for part of 7 summers) | a sort of magazine/forums site about simpler, more environmentally friendly living (~they emailed me, and I liked their site) | a political party for social justice, peace, and sustainability (~ I’m a member, and stood for parliament at the 2005 general election as a Green Party candidate.)

Stroud Green Party | branch of the above for Stroud, the place where I live

phone coop

Join the Phone Coop for cheap ethically provided phone and broadband services.

sustainable holidays and outdoors

A good place to buy a tent, yurt or tipi: world tents | a company run at Redfield Community by a very knowledgeable and nice guy.


wikipedia | democratic encyclopaedic guide to everything (~ it’s my reference work of choice these days)

financial times currency converter | jolly useful for, err, converting from one currency to another

life support

radio 4 listen again (~ for my daily archers fix)

permaculture magazine (~ my favourite magazine)

a to b magazine (~ my other favourite magazine)


nominet | uk domain registry (~ find out who owns that or domain name)

icann | governing body for the international domain name system

pdf2doc | free online convertor from pdf to other formats (doesn’t ask for your email address)

syncback pro backup software | I’m very impressed with this cheap software for windows which can do just about any kind of backup – scheduled, incremental, mirror to just about any kind of storage (local, ftp, s3 etc).

textpad | a full featured programmer’s text editor for windows (~ definitely the best £20 I ever spent on software)

webmonkey | online reference for web stuff (~ useful for browser colour charts and lots more)

iptools | find out your ip number, check whois info, check dns record etc.

google add a url | submit your site to google, for nothing

tinymce wysiwyg tool browser compability chart | shows which browsers tinymce works with (tinymce is the wysiwyg editing tool incorporated into ei-cms websites)

browser and OS stats | which web browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions etc. most people are currently using

dynamic drive css library | a fantastic free resource for css tabs, menus, layouts, galleries etc.

surgemail mail server | a very impressive and useful cross-platform mail server, good value too

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