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From March 1st, mininum security level of TLS 1.2 required for mail connections.

From March 1st, the ethical internet mail server will only allow secure connections with a mininum spec of TLS 1.2. If you are unable to connect to your emails after March 1st, remember that you can also access your email accounts using the webmail tool, with no settings required apart from the password, at […]

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Fixing Expired SSL Certificate / Insecure Site Warning

This problem has been affecting loads of my customers during the last three weeks when AutoSSL’s system for automatic renewals of SSL certificates has frequently not worked due, they say, to their servers being overloaded. It’s easy to fix though. There is another SSL system available in Cpanel, called Let’s Encrypt, so you just need […]

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Speed up WordPress with LiteSpeed Cache

You can make your WordPress website run much faster by installing a caching plugin. Normally, every time a visitor to your website requests a page, the WordPress software creates the page from scratch by running a huge amount of php code and sql queries to get information from the database and build it into an […]

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PHP Update Required message in your WordPress Dashboard.

This is the commonest question that I’m asked at the moment:  “There is a message in the WordPress dashboard saying that a PHP update is required – what should I do?” The answer is fairly simple.  You can change the PHP version using your Cpanel hosting control panel.  But if you don’t like the idea […]

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How to tell Google and Bing about your new WordPress website

It used to be really simple to ask Google to add a new website to its search index – you could simply go to a page on the Google website and submit your new web address – you didn’t need a Google account and the whole process took about 20 seconds.   That changed a […]

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Easy to Use WordPress Redirection Plugin

Here’s a really useful WordPress plugin that you might want to use if moving your website to WordPress from some other system.    When you move from another website publishing system (e.g. plain html or some other CMS) your URLs will probably change, e.g. from to The redirection tool in Cpanel is very […]

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