Easy to Use WordPress Redirection Plugin

Here’s a really useful WordPress plugin that you might want to use if moving your website to WordPress from some other system.    When you move from another website publishing system (e.g. plain html or some other CMS) your URLs will probably change, e.g. from




The redirection tool in Cpanel is very limited (I’ve only occasionally found it useful) but the Redirection Plugin by John Godley is really simple to use and does just what you’d hope it does.

Wordpress page redirection plugin

Also useful if you run a WordPress site and decide you need to change the URL (‘slug’) of a post or page.

Of course, Google will catch up with new URLs next time it indexes your website, so there’s no need to go overboard using this tool, but to avoid people getting a ‘404 Page Not Found’ error until then, or to cover for important pages which people might have linked to from other websites, this tool is just the ticket.

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